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This policy only applies for this website user, the website data search in different ways, data and information collect, gathered. You are advised to read the privacy policy and terms & services of this website and fully understand the nature, purpose of collecting information and usage of this site. Privacy Policy of our visitors highly important to us, to carefully read and to aware of this site and know how it is used.

The privacy policy explains our regarding collection use and transfer information and other services including not limited to delivery of information and content via any mobile and other internet-connected devices. Many channels include like they free available on all the internet. They are the responsible for their own content and you are relying on respected the original owners right. You should consult the respective privacy policy of these third party

Service available from this site, do not disturb any unsolicited submission, user registration, accounts, and other personal information. Responsibility for your account and public forums and communication, but many channels are embedded that third-party content, they are the real owner of the channel, they have full right. The main purpose of this site to entertain people and realize the people importance of sports and games. They can get entertain and enjoy, feel relaxed, we updated sports events.


For cookies info, if you wish to disable cookies, you may do your individual browser’s options given by the individual browsers. If you want to know for more details cookies, cookies management with the specific browser and you can also found at the browsers, respective website.

To improve the website responsiveness for the user we may use cookies or any similar electronic tools to collect information to assign each visitor a unique user number, to understand the user individual interests using the identified computer. Unless you voluntarily identify yourself, we will have no other way who you are, even we assign cookies to your computer. The cookies contain only personal information you supply. The cookies are not read your personal drive data, our advertisers may also assign their own cookies to your web browser, such process we do not control. We receive and store information certain types of information whenever you interact with us via the website, applied or services you get the computer, laptop, tablet, mobile or other electronic devices.

Log File & Web Beacons

Like other website, the information, the information inside the log file etc, that is personally identifiable not show. We automatically collect information about your computer connected to the internet, mobile number, IP address etc.

About Change The Policy

For more requirement, with the passage of time, we change the requirement in future. The Internet is a fastest evolving medium and we change policy when necessary to address and future requirement. If you have any query and require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.

As we update, improve and explain the services, this policy may change, so please refer back to it periodically. By access, the company website or this application, the company respect the privacy of the user and the services. If you registered from this website, we ask some of your personal information. When you register using your account, we shall retrieve information from such account to continue to interact with you and to continue providing the services.

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