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Top 3 batsmen with a record of hitting 4 sixes in 4 consecutive balls in Test cricket

Cricket Record: Three batsmen with a record of hitting 4 sixes in 4 consecutive balls in Test cricket. Test cricket is the actual test for a batsman, in which batsmen try to stick to the pitch as much as possible, instead of playing big shots. In such a situation, if you get to see sixes in Test cricket, then it will be a matter of the liver of the batsman.

Although there are very few sixes in Test cricket, there are some batsmen who score sixes easily in Test cricket too.

So far in Test cricket history, there have been three such batsmen who have scored not only 3 but four consecutive sixes in 4 consecutive balls.

So let’s know who are the three batsmen who have scored four consecutive sixes in four balls in Test cricket:

AB de Villiers

ab de villiers

Who does not know about the legendary South African batsman AB de Villiers? AB de Villiers has been one of the most dangerous batsmen to have played stormy innings in ODIs and T20s several times.

In this same test, AB de Villiers has done a unique feat against Australia. During a Test match played against Australia in 2009, AB de Villiers scored four sixes off four balls from Kangaroo bowler Andrew McDonald. De Villiers scored a brilliant century in this match.

Shahid Afridi

shahid afridi

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi is regarded as the most feared batsman in world cricket. Shahid Afridi has targeted the bowlers a lot with his stormy batsmen in all three formats of his entire career.

Shahid Afridi once targeted Harbhajan Singh of India in Test cricket. During the Test match played in Karachi in 2006, Shahid Afridi set a record for four consecutive sixes off Harbhajan Singh’s four balls. Afridi scored a century in only 80 balls in this match.

Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev

One of the greatest captains in Indian cricket history, Kapil Dev was once known for being the best all-rounder and also for his batting. Kapil Dev has played fast innings in Test cricket too many times.

In the year 1990, Kapil Dev did the feat in Test cricket which very few batsmen can do. Against England, his bowler Eddie Hemmings made a big effort to hit four sixes in four consecutive balls of one over.

Kapil Dev scored 77 runs in this innings. The special thing in these sixes of Kapil Dev was that in that innings, India needed 24 runs to survive the follow-on and the last wicket was remaining.

These four sixes of Kapil Dev almost saved India from follow on. This inning is counted among the best innings of Kapil Dev’s Test career.