Becky Lynch Vs Sasha Banks

WWE Roundup: Becky Lynch Vs Sasha Banks, Strowman and Tyson break, Brey Wyatt gets hurt

WWE: As seen last week, Bobby Lashley’s entry suddenly occurred during the match of Sethi Rollins and Rusev. Fans could understand that Bobby Lashley called Lana on stage. Appearing in a new style, Lana betrayed her husband Rusev and did what no one had thought of her relationship with Lashley.

Boxing legend Tyson Fury was present ringside during the Fox premiere episode of SmackDown last week. He was enjoying the show so much that he got into an argument with Bron Strowman. Strowman was fighting an 8 man tag team match on the show at the time.

In Hell in a Cell, Becky Lynch defended her title by defeating Sasha Banks. From then onwards all the fans were eyeing their next enmity. His next fight in Raw has started and he has also tweeted about this rivalry.

Following WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV, the episode of Raw aired live from Bakersfield, California. During the show, we got to see the surprise return of former NXT champion Alastair Black. Black challenged any superstar of the Raw roster to a match.

Sethi Rollins hit The Find with a sledgehammer when the referee stopped the match and the WWE Hell in a cell came to an end. As soon as the PPV was over, Finde attacked Rawlins after the match.

The fans asked to resume the match and started shouting loudly to demand their money back. Apart from this, the fans started booing as soon as the bell rang.

Seth Rawlins faced Bray Wyatt in the WWE’s Main Event of PPE Hail in a Cell. The match was stopped after Seth Rawlins attacked Bray with a hammer, after which the fans present in the arena became very angry with the result of this match.

At the same time, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful had told about the result of this match that a WWE star called the match ’embarrassing’.

The Hell in a Cell had been pretty useless. The fans were very angry about this. Fans had high expectations from Raw. But the company failed to meet expectations.

roman rance vs sethi rollins

Neither Sethi Rollins nor Raw appeared on Raw this week. All this was shown through a video package. It is not known why these two were not present in the show.

The Survivor Series, one of WWE’s 4 biggest PPVs, is now closed. According to WrestlingINC, a big 10 man tag team match between Raw and SmackDown is being advertised at the All-State Arena in Rosemont. Survivor Series PPVs have been in place for the last 3 decades.

The Find faced Sethi Rollins for the Universal Championship at the main event of Hell in a Cell. From the very beginning of this feud, WWE had booked it in a very exciting way.

The way WWE was booking Bray for some time, it was expected that he could become Universal Champion this time.

But even after this, they have not been able to become champions in this match, due to which the fans were very disappointed.

becky lynch vs the rock

This week in Raw, the Viking Raiders competed with Raw tag team champions Rude and Ziggler. It was a non-title match.

It was a very good match between the two teams. The Viking Raiders won in this match. Fans also supported both the teams.

WWE’s SmackDown show recently underwent a change. Now the show will be aired on Fox Sports. The show premiered on Fox Sports. According to PWInsider, after the show premiered, Vince McMahon sent an mail to the Blue brand’s roster.

In this mail, he has praised the stars of the roster. Vince has been heavily influenced by SmackDown’s first show on Fox Sports.

The Find faced Sethi Rollins for the Universal Championship at the main event of Hell in a Cell PPV. In this match, Saith attacked Bray with a hammer. After which the match referee ended the match right there.

After this match, the report said that Bray was injured due to this match. Bray Raw has also not appeared on live TV. At the same time, Dave Meltzer has now made a big disclosure about the injury to Brae.