Roger Federer

Tennis News: Federer changed profile pick at the request of fans, seeing a smile on his face

Tennis: Switzerland’s Roger Federer recently asked his fans to pick which pick for his Twitter account. Tennis star Roger Federer has now changed his profile pick on social media following a request from fans.

Roger Federer of Switzerland recently asked his fans which pick he would like for his Twitter account. He also asked the fans to choose a profile pick. This player, known as Swiss King, has a world record of winning 20 Grand Slam titles (Men’s Singles).

Roger Federer, 38, has now changed his profile pick on his Twitter account. He has taken a profile pic of his childhood, in which he is seen smiling.

Federer wrote on Twitter with his new profile pick, ‘New Profile Pick.’ Roger Federer asked his fans which pick to pick for his Twitter account.

After this, the line of those giving advice to Federer started and all of them put up a series of millions of profile pics. Federer was also very excited and wrote in his tweet, ‘Keep giving profile picks. I’ll see it later or tomorrow night during dinner. ‘

When a fan requested Federer to change his Twitter profile pick, Federer could not deny it and then wrote on his Twitter account that they agreed with him and could he suggest a picture?

After this, the fans shared millions of suggestions with them and expressed their love for this great player. Federer also has millions of fans in India. Federer had recently expressed his desire to watch an Indian film.