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WWE Roundup: The Find bled Rolins, Roman suffered serious injury, big news about Rock

WWE News: In WWE Hell in a Cell, the match between Roman Rance and Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper-Eric Rowan met expectations. Action, drama, and adventure were seen in this match. There was a tremendous moment after the match, which no one had any idea.

In order to make Hell in a Cell more successful, WWE included a number of matches in the final moments. Such as the match of Randy Orton and Ali, the OC Club vs Viking Raiders -Stroman’s match. In addition, the Women’s Tag Team Championship was added to the match card.

We got to see many great encounters in Hell in a Cell. Before the show began, WWE had announced only 4 matches, but at the last time, many more matches were added to the show.

The main event of the show took place between Sath Rollins and Bray Wyatt. Fans had high hopes in this match. Fans had thought that Wyatt would become the new champion in this match but that did not happen.

The defending Universal champion gave a tough fight to the Find and this did not harm the character of both wrestlers.

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In Hell in a Cell, Charlotte Flair won the Women’s Championship for the 10th time by defeating the champion in the SmackDown Women’s Championship match against Bailey. She has become the first female wrestler to do so.

The Hell in a Cell is over now but it was not as good as it was thought. The first match card had only four bouts but in the last few more matches were added.

Only one match fan liked the whole card but Vince Manahan might have never thought about what happened after that.

One of WWE’s most exciting PPVs, Hell in a Cell, took place at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California. This time the fans got to see a total of eight matches in the show. During this time, the fans also got the title change of the 24/7 championship in the show.

Tamina defeated Carmela in the backstage segment during the PPV to win the 24/7 championship for the first time in her career. However, she lost her belt against R Truth ahead of the show. He has won this belt for the 20th time in his career.

During the premiere episode of SmackDown on the FOX network, WWE fans witnessed a brawl between a boxer named Bron Strowman and Tyson Fury.

There was a scuffle between the two superstars but the WWE Security Guards stopped this from happening. Now Tyson Fury will be seen in Raw, where he can talk about the incident.

According to a Fight Oracle report, 11-time WWE Champion Edge has been given permission to wrestle. Even though Age is coming to deny this news, but in the backstage, there is a lot of rumor that he has got the green signal to return to the ring.

Roman Rance injured his knee during the match in Hell in a Cell. Roman himself revealed this in a backstage interview. In fact, Daniel Harper and Eric Rowan were supposed to give a powerbomb to the table at one time in the match, Daniel Bryan.

During this time Daniel gives Luke Harper a hurricane while Eric Rowan is given a spear by Roman Rance. It was only after giving Spear that Roman gripped his knee.

More information about this was not known at that time, but later when Roman felt difficulty in walking, it was revealed.

Brock Lesnar vs Roman Rance

The hell in a sail is over This time the PPV disappointed. What the fans thought was not seen here at all. The matches were good, but according to the storyline, there was no great spectacle here.

Hell in a Cell is always a good PPV. Many surprises are seen here. But this time nothing of the sort happened. The first match card had only four bouts but in the last few more matches were added.

Only one match fan liked the whole card but Vince Manahan might have never thought about what happened after that.

Former WWE champions and Hollywood superstars The Rock’s fans are present all over the world. The Rock himself often does something special for his fans. In this episode, Rock gave a gift to one of her fans on her birthday, which she will always remember.

Actually Rock made a video call to his fan on his 100th birthday and congratulated him. He also shared this video on his social media account.