brock lesnar

After becoming champion in about 5 seconds, Brock Lassner ran out of the ring looking at his old enemy

WWE: This week’s episode of SmackDown was very good. The main event featured a match between Kofi Kingston and Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. Apart from this, we also got to see a big UFC superstar debut in WWE.

A few weeks ago Brock Lassner returned to SmackDown and challenged WWE champion Kofi to the championship. The match between the two was scheduled to take place at the main event of SmackDown. The special thing about this match was that The Beast won the match in a few seconds.

As Bell rang, Lassner put F5 on Kofi in about 5 seconds and pinned him to become the new WWE Champion. Seeing this victory, all the spectators sitting in the crowd were quite shocked.

WWE veteran Ray Mysterio played the theme song after the match while celebrating The Beast title victory. Former UFC star Ken Valasquez entered with Mysterio. Seeing Kane, every fan was surprised.

Those who don’t know about Ken Valasquez let him know that he has been a UFC fighter. The same year he became a wrestler and now made his WWE debut. Kane and Brock have had their old enmity.

Valasquez defeated Brock Lassner at the 2010 UFC 121 event with the help of TKO (Punch) for the title. Defeating veteran superstars like The Beast was considered a far more difficult task, but Kane did it.

Kane entered the ring to attack The Beast but Lassner escaped from there. For the first time on The Beast’s face, there is so much fear about a superstar.

It remains to be seen which event will be the WWE Championship match between Ken Valasquez and Brock Lassner.