becky lynch vs the rock

WWE Smackdown preview: The Rock will return, defeating Kofi to become the new WWE Champion?

SmackDown will now begin its airing on Fox in the US. WWE has taken every possible step to make this show a hit. This includes the arrival of The Rock and the match between Brock and Kofi for the WWE Championship.

There is no doubt that this week’s show will increase the thrill of the fans. Not only will the action be better but it is also possible that the result of the two major matches should also provide entertainment to the fans.

At this time there is no shortage of wrestlers in the company, but at the same time, there were many such rules, which were hurting the thrill.

Since the company is going to draft next week, the wild card rule will end. Along with this, there are many things that will look changing in the coming times. Let me tell you what will happen in this week’s show.

WWE’s 4 Horsewomen Will Fight Together

becky lynch
These four wrestlers, who were once friends, are now enemies of each other. In fact, Sasha and Bailey had made a group some time ago and attacked Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, while their fight with Charlotte Flair also progressed in SmackDown. Even though this match will create an atmosphere of the battle between the wrestlers, it is very good for the fans.

This is not the only moment that is good, because some moments and segments are going to be very good. We’ll talk about them in the next slides, as some wrestlers are set to return for this debut episode of SmackDown.

Team Hogan or Wrestler of Team Flair may be announced

Team Hogan or Wrestler of Team

Two wrestlers from Hogan and Flair’s team were announced on Miz TV on Raw. These teams will fight among themselves at Crown Jewel.

At present, only two wrestlers have been named from both teams, so it is possible that the names of the next two members or one member of these two will be announced this week.

Will Shane McMahon leave the company?

Shane McMahon
Shane doesn’t have a good story at the moment. Kevin is the Rising Star of SmackDown. He has made this story worth watching.

Because of this, it should be assumed that Kevin will win the match and it will be good for WWE. Shane McMahon would have to leave WWE forever after the defeat.

Will Kofi Kingston lose WWE Championship?

Kofi Kingston Vs Brocke Lesnar
Kofi Kingston is a wrestler whose growth chart this year has been much better than the Elimination Chamber. ‘Kofimenia’ has given entertainment to the fans continuously, but at this time he has reached a very poor position.

Because of this, they will defend the title against Brock Lassner in a Fox Episode debut. It is quite possible that Brock will win his match, which will start a new round.

What will be the role of rock?

the rock
There are reports that The Rock wants to share screen time with Becky Lynch. This is a big deal because, at one time, Becky was not liked that much.

At present, there is no bigger star in the company’s women’s division. This moment will be very good and entertainment too.