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WWE | WWE News: CM Punk, FOX Sports, CM Punk confirmed the news of his return to WWE

There has been a lot of news of CM Punk’s return from the last few days. According to reports, Punk went to audition for ‘WWE Backstage’, a program of FOX Sports. The show is scheduled to air on FS1.

Former WWE champions have always been in the news, but this time the chances of him coming to pro-wrestling were being told a lot.

Some time ago, CM Punk came on Collider Live as a special guest. ‘Best in the World’ told that this news is completely correct. Punk made it clear that he was dealing with FOX, not with WWE. The veteran superstar told that he loves Raine Young very much as an anchor and wants to talk about him a lot of good things.

Apart from Raine Young, Booker T is also going to appear in the show named ‘WWE Backstage’. CM Punk discussed many more topics with all these things. CM Punk had told before this interview that he is no longer interested in wrestling, he has now become a businessman.

According to the news, the former WWE Champion’s audition went well and his arrival seems almost certain. Now perhaps FOX can offer them a tremendous contract. Triple H recently revealed in an interview that he is fully prepared to recall Punk.

Now it remains to be seen whether this 40-year-old superstar returns to the WWE ring thanks to the FOX show.