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WWE Round-Up: WWE Punk stamps on comeback news, former Universal champion returns to NXT

WWE NXT had a ‘real’ debut on USA Network this week. For the past 2 weeks, NXT was shown 1–1 hour on both WWE and USA Network. The entire episode of this week aired on USA Network. The company had booked many big matches for this episode.

The show was going to have a total of 3 championships defends. Apart from this, Pete Dunn, Johnny Gargano was also going to fight their respective matches. Overall, the show was going to be awesome.

Finn Bailer bounced back during the episode of NXT this week. Let us tell you, the former Universal champion made his presence known after the NXT Championship match between Adam Cole and Matt Riddle.

The first TV episode of All Elite Wrestling has ended successfully. AEW had been preparing for its live show for a long time and this episode was special for him. The company had booked several good matches for the show, which were excellent in terms of wrestling.

Apart from this, we also got to see the first women’s champion of AEW. The former WWE Superstar and Champion surprised everyone by making a debut after the main event.

Rusev had not appeared on WWE TV for the past few months. Many rumors were believed to be because The Bulgarian Brute and his wife Lana decided not to renew their contract with the WWE, which is set to expire in the coming months.

The Crown Jewel is going to be held in Saudi Arabia on 31 October, due to which the Hell in a Cell PPV is happening a little early. Hell in a Cell is playing an important role in Premier Week for WWE.

But so far, only three matches have been announced for this show and this PPV is now just a few days away.

The first episode of AEW Dynamite ended successfully. This show was very special and we got to see many good matches and segments in it.

The main event of the episode was the most special. We finally got to see a stunning debut of former WWE Superstars and World Champion.

The WWE draft of 2019 will be in one episode each of both SmackDown and Raw. Before the draft, many fans are hoping that Brock Lassner will win the WWE title by defeating Kofi Kingston before becoming the main part of SmackDown.

This week must have been very special for the wrestling fans as the news of CM Punk’s return to the wrestling world was in the news for the last few days.

Punk had reported a while back that he was more likely to appear on the FOX network for a show called ‘WWE Backstage’.

There has been a lot of news of CM Punk’s return from the last few days. According to reports, Punk went to audition for ‘WWE Backstage’, a program of FOX Sports.

The show is scheduled to air on FS1. Former WWE champions have always been in the news, but this time the chances of him coming to pro-wrestling were being told a lot.