Booker T Vs CM Punk

WWE News: Booker T Vs CM Punk, Booker T wants to fight against CM Punk after the return

WWE News: Booker T and Brad Gilmore recently talked about CM Punk in the Hall of Fame podcast where he appeared keen on playing a match against the former World Champion. In a recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer told WWE that CM Punk wants to return to the company.

In addition, Mike Johnson of PWInsider had reported that Punk had recently appeared at Fox Studios for a role in FS1’s upcoming show ‘Backstage’. Although not much information has been revealed about this, according to reports, Punk was part of the on-camera tests in the presence of host Raine Young.

The former WWE Champion left WWE in 2014 and since then his relationship with the company has deteriorated considerably.

Two-time Hall of Famer and his co-host Brad Gilmore also spoke highly of CM Punk vs. Booker T. Booker T first talked about what would happen if Punk suddenly made his return to WWE.

“If CM Punk wants to return, he will be a competition for me. It means that he will be my enemy.”
He then said that if CM Punk wanted to return, he would welcome him. He also jokingly said that it would not be good for him if he tried to cross his line in the punk industry.

Gilmore then asked if we would get to see CM Punk vs Booker T match in Saudi Arabia or Crown Jewel. In response, Booker said that he would like to challenge Punk in his first match after his return.