Test Cricket: Currently three batsmen who can make ten thousand runs in Test cricket

Cricket: It is not an easy thing to score 10000 runs in Test cricket. Only a few special players can achieve this milestone. To become a ten thousand in Test cricket, a batsman has to stay in form for a long time, not only that, in Test cricket, there is a lot of attention in form as well as fitness. The player who works in his fitness in Test cricket is able to play for a long time.

Currently, there are 3 players who can score 10,000 runs in their Test career. These three cricketers are also in constant form and their fitness is also good, so it can be said that they can score ten thousand runs in Test cricket.

Virat Kohli

india cricket team
Virat Kohli is currently the captain of all three formats of India and he is also in good form in all three formats. Virat made his Test cricket debut in 2011 and Virat has not looked back since Virat made his Test debut.

He is getting better day by day and today Kohli is in this position from where he can score 10,000 runs in a Test career. At present, Kohli’s form is also going very well, so it does not seem that he will have any difficulty in scoring ten thousand runs in Tests.

Virat Kohli has scored 6749 runs in 135 innings of 79 matches played. His average during this period is 53.01. He has scored 79 matches, 25 centuries and 22 half-centuries. Virat Kohli’s best innings is 243 runs.

Joe Root

joe root
Joe Root is the captain of England and a very good player. He has been scoring runs consistently in Test cricket. He is said to be England’s most reliable player at the moment and his fitness is also good, so it seems that he can play for England for a long time and can also score ten thousand runs in Tests.

Joe Root has scored 7043 runs in 159 innings of 86 matches played, at an excellent average of 47.90, which Root has scored 16 centuries and 45 half-centuries in 86 matches. Joe Root’s best innings of 254 runs.

Steve Smith

steve smith

Steve Smith, former captain of Australia, was also banned for a year, which is over now. Even before Bain, Steve Smith had good form and after coming back, he is in good form.

Smith’s fitness is also looking good and it seems that he too can play for Australia for a long time and can score ten thousand runs.

Steve Smith has scored 6973 runs in 124 innings of 68 matches. During this time his average is 64.60. Steve Smith has scored 26 centuries and 27 half-centuries in 68 matches. Smith’s best score in Test is 239 runs.