Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon

5 reasons that suggest Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon’s ladder match is a good suggestion

WWE: Last week’s show of SmackDown was quite a bang. The moment and the sagging during this show were very memorable, a conversation between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon in which Kevin suggested a wonderful match.

Kevin Owens had a fine on Shane McMahon some time back and then fought a match with Chad Gable in the quarter-final of the King of the Ring with Kevin Owens as the referee.

The condition of that match was that if Kevin helped Shane win, the former SmackDown commissioner would remove the fine from the former Universal champion.

Shane tapped out, causing him to lose the match, and he attacked Kevin and fired him. Kevin then sued Shane. In SmackDown, Kevin made a bet that if Shane and he fight a ladder match, Kevin will leave the company if he loses and the case will also be closed.

Good initiative to start SmackDown on Fox

smack down fox
SmackDown will now come on Friday (Saturday in India) instead of Tuesday. To further improve this change and give good entertainment to the fans, the company has announced this match for its debut episode.

In addition, a match for the WWE Championship between Kofi Kingston and Brock Lassner will also be on the show. Because of this match, not only will the fans get to see good action but they will also have entertainment.

This bet makes the match bigger

Ladder Match has always provided amazing entertainment to the fans. Hardy Boys’ matches prove this to be true. Kevin Owens’ career at SummerSlam was at stake, but the careers of both wrestlers are at risk during this match.

It simply means that if both of them try to save their career, then the thrill will be more than that and this is what SmackDown and Fox want. Companies will benefit only by increasing ratings and improving the action.

They have fought in Hell in a Cell before

Hell in a Cell
Both of them have fought in Hell in a Cell match before and hence it is not right to make them a part of it.

Both have experience of the ladder match and hence such match between them will prove to be very good.

Good chance to provide some amazing moments

smack down live
Everyone knows Shane McMahon’s Coast to Coast and Leap of Faith. These are the moves that made even a non-wrestler a favorite of wrestling fans.

Now since he will be a part of the action and that too in a ladder match, amazing moments can happen during the match which will be good for the episode making the debut. This match has made careers of many wrestlers and so will this time.

No disqualification condition will benefit either

wwe smack down live
Kevin Owens has many friends, while many wrestlers aspire to work with Shane McMahon. In such a situation, the favorite wrestlers of both can come and interfere in this match and since this match is no disqualification, then this match cannot be stopped in any way. This action is beneficial in every way.