brock lesnar vs giant bernard

WWE: Brock Lesnar vs Giant Bernard, WWE Hall of Famer, Giants Wish to Fight Against Brock Lassner

WWE Hall of Famer Brett Hart recently revealed his dream match. He said that his dream match would be against Brock Lassner with an Iron Man stipulation. Hart then joked that he wanted to watch the match at home.

Hart is considered one of the greatest champions in WWE history. Hart was in a way the face of the company in the 90s and by staying on top, Hart has participated in many WrestleMania events. Hart stepped into WCW after a 1997 Controversial incident.

After some time he suffered an injury and retired. Austin inducted Hart into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006. 4 years later he had a rivalry with Vince McMahon and had a match at WrestleMania 26. Hart won this match.

He made several appearances at WrestleMania. Had Hart not left the WWE in 1996 and the Survivor Series had not happened, he would have influenced Pro Wrestling altogether. Recently Hart was asked about his dream match, to which he gave a very interesting answer.

The Hart vs Lassner match could hardly have happened but if Hart had not retired in 1997, we would have seen this dream match.

Hart does not appear in WWE much of the time, while Lassner is soon to contest his next bout in SmackDown. The match will be for the WWE Championship and fans hope that Lassner will become the new champion.