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WWE News: 3 reasons why Brock Lassner can win the WWE Championship and 2 reasons he can’t win

Last week, The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar returned to SmackDown not long after. He came there to challenge WWE Champion Kofi Kingston for the title match. Now we are going to see a match between the two in the October 4 episode of SmackDown’s FOX debut.

Reports say Brock Lesnar has a high chance of winning the championship. However, we can’t say anything about Vince McMahon’s mind, because his mind can rotate anytime. He can also make major changes in plans. We can also see Kofi performing the Kingston title due to this.

Let’s look at 3 reasons why Brock Lesnar could win the WWE Championship and 2 reasons why Vince would not let him win the title.

Brock to be Champion For SmackDown’s  debut on FOX

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WWE previously considered the SmackDown brand as a B show, due to which the big superstars were mostly seen only on Raw. The FOX network placed a large amount of money for the broadcast of SmackDown in front of WWE, and WWE officially gave it the status of A Show.

It will be WWE’s SmackDown brand new debut with the October 4 episode. The new start of SmackDown is going to be important for the company. If we get to see a champion like Brock Lassner at the beginning of the new round, this episode will always be remembered.

Brock Won’t Be Champion Fans Can Get Poor Reaction

Brock Lassner is a part-time superstar. He appears on rare occasions in WWE. His WWE run as Universal Champion was poor and he has to face tremendous boos from the fans.

Apart from this, fans also strongly condemn WWE on social media. With this in mind, Vince McMahon can decide the big defeat of The Beast. WWE would benefit from making full-timers champions.

Brock to be Champion He is WWE’s biggest superstar

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Brock Lassner is WWE’s biggest superstar. His arrival gives the company a tremendous advantage in viewership and due to this, he is considered as the top star. Whenever Brock appears on Raw, there is a big jump in ratings.

Fans will have a different impact if SmackDown has a big superstar champion like Brock Lassner during its debut on FOX. SmackDown’s viewership will also increase as Brock becomes champion.

Brock Won’t Be Champion Brock vs Find

brock lesnar vs finn balor
WWE’s next PPV Survivor Series, after Hell in a Cell. Every year there is a match between Universal Champion and WWE Champion in this event. The Find’s Hell in a Cell is going to be a match for the Universal Championship against Sath Rawlins in PPV.

It is almost certain to become the champion of the Find. If Brock Lassner wins the WWE Championship then we will get to see this big match in Survivor Series. Vince would never want to book such a big match for Survivor Series like PPV, he would definitely save it for WrestleMania.

Brock to be champion He has lost more matches this year

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The year of 2019 has been fine for Brock Lassner. The Beast has lost two big championship matches this year. He lost the Universal title at WrestleMania 35 and later suffered a major defeat at SummerSlam as well.

Brock Lassner has already lost the match in the year and if he loses another big match in the meantime, it will have a big impact on his career. Vince McMahon will never beat his favorite superstar in so many matches.