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WWE News: Triple H vs Daniel Bryan, Triple H was not able to beat this wrestler

WWE: Triple H working in WWE since 1995 and in the carrier of WWE he wins the 25 WWE Championship. The world championship win by Triple H by nine times. In 1997 he was also the winner of King of the Ring tournament. At the year of 2002 and 2016, he was the winner of Royal Rumble.

Triple H WWE carrier consists of 24 years. In his carrier, he defeated many world professional wrestler but here we talk about a wrestler he will not be able to defeat this wrestler in any single match. Triple H will not do in his WWE carrier.

Triple H has not defeated Daniel Bryan

triple h vs daniel bryan

In the WWE carrier, Triple H defeated many professional wrestlers like as Undertaker and Brock Lesnar but he will not be able to defeat Daniel Bryan in any single match.

According to the data available on it, Triple H face Daniel Bryan for two times but he was not able to defeat Daniel Bryan. Both time Triple H has been failed to defeat Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan defeated Triple H when and where

triple h vs daniel bryan wwe live

In WrestleMania 30 we see the match when both wrestler against one another. It was a memorable match. Everyone is favor with Triple H and he was called favorite for this fight against Daniel Bryan. But Daniel Bryan proves wrong and he defeats Triple H and wins the match.

On 7 April 2014 when they face together in a match but the match not completed because of many wrestlers interfaces in this match. Shield and other professional wrestler evolution here and interrupt the match.

That was the match of Heavyweight championship and the Triple H dream to defeat Daniel Bryan but due to interpretation of other wrestlers. The defeat of Triple H has remained unfull.

In the WWE Carrier Triple H not be seen the full fight in the match but we see his fight in the special event. Now, he is COO of WWE.