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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: 3 fast bowlers whose ball did not hit a single six in cricket world cup

The recently concluded ICC Cricket World Cup saw many spectacular performances with both bat and ball. Many old records were broken and many new records were made. The most surprising thing among all these figures was that three bowlers, which no batsman could hit a single six.

In today’s time where even 300 runs in a cricket match are not considered a safe score, if a bowler is someone who is not hit for six, then it is a very special achievement.

In the World Cup 2019, there were five such bowlers, in whose bowling no batsman could hit a six. We have picked three bowlers who bowled 20 overs in the tournament.

Chris Gayle and Kane Williamson had 15 overs each. At the same time, Indian fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah and Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Aamir had one six each.

Let’s look at those bowlers who bowled more than 20 overs but batsmen were not able to hit sixes on their balls:

Dwayne Pretorius

Dwayne Pretorius

Before the World Cup 2019, South Africa was included among the strongest contenders to win the tournament. But at the start of the tournament, the South African team had a disappointing performance and were eventually eliminated from the league stage.

However, there was a young player in this team who performed brilliantly on the meet. Here we are talking about his young all-rounder Dwayne Pretorius.

Dwayne Pretorius bowled 23 overs in this World Cup and most importantly, he did not eat a single six on his bowling. Pretorius spent 94 runs in 23 overs.

In this way, he was included in the list of bowlers without a six in the World Cup.

Hamid Hasan

Hamid Hasan

Afghanistan had a very difficult time in the World Cup, losing 9 out of their 9 matches. While his performance inside the ground was very poor, the players were also in discussion outside the field.

A big reason behind his poor performance was the disappointing performance of his bowlers. Afghanistan’s foremost bowler Rashid Khan gave a very disappointing performance.

However, he found a good bowler in the form of Hamid Hasan. Hamid Hasan took just one wicket in five matches for his team but he was a very economical bowler for his team.

Hamid bowled 26 overs in the competition and conceded only 122 runs. No batsman could hit a six in his bowling. He also bowled 3 overs in this World Cup, which is the highest in any World Cup by any Afghanistan bowler.

Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes

The World Cup was a great one for Ben Stokes. He performed very well in batting as well as bowling.

Ben Stokes bowled 50.5 overs in which he conceded just 246 runs and his economy was also below 5. During this, batsmen could not hit a single six on their balls.

He made a huge contribution to making England a world champion. Who can forget his 84-run innings in the final? Ben Stokes took 7 wickets in this World Cup and also contributed in bowling.

Apart from batting and bowling, Fielding also played a key role in many matches for England. He caught many tremendous catches in the tournament.