Cristiano Ronaldo , Lionel Mess

Cristiano Ronaldo | Lionel Mess, Ronaldo called him better as compare to Messi get more ‘Ballon de Ors’

The world-famous football player said about him the winning award of “Ballon de Ors” he is better as compare to Lionel Messi. Both world-famous football players win the Blonde Ors award by 5 times.

Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays for the Italian club Juventus. Lionel Messi is from Argentina. He plays for Barcelona at the Spanish club. Both these players have won five Ballon d’Or awards. This award is given to the best footballer of the year.

In the point of view, Ronaldo thinks he deserved more award as compared to Messi. He think I have a six or seven Ballon d’Or award. If I have more then award I was happy.

Cristiano Ronaldo said I did not friend with Messi and he does not want to make any relationship with them. He declared we spend more than 15 years together and inspire to make better player and game. He said Messi work hard and better performance on the field.

Before Juventus Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid and Manchester United. Under his captaincy, Portugal football team become Euro champion.

He said I don’t want to change the record, these follow me I used only success. I don’t think about anything wrong with me. I think it is good. It inspires me. If you do not have the motivation for anything, then it is better that you stop playing. ‘