Cricket World Cup: ICC Cricket World Cup Teams, Who Play ICC Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup 2019: ICC Cricket World Cup is the one-day international cricket world cup. Based on the one-day. It is held for every four years, its governing body is ICC (International Cricket Council). This is the most and big event in the events of cricket. The winner of this cup is the champion to upcoming world cup series. It has two formats one of the men and second of the women. We can also say ICC Cricket World Cup for Men and ICC Cricket World Cup for Woman. InĀ 1975 the first World Cup was held in England.

Which Country Hosted the World Cup

The first world cup was held in England and after three world cup was also hosted by England. This is a big event, every partner of ICC can host one time. The member of ICC is 14, one of the host world cup once. However, its hosted schedule is not clear.

England is one of the most hosted countries who hosted five world cup. World Cup 2019 is also hosted by England. The hosted right shifted to another member of ICC after 1987.

Who Play ICC Cricket World Cup

The playing right only given to the ICC member. This is open to all member. But the main rule is to for high ranking team, they will be able to play the world cup. In the eleven editions of the world cup, a total of 20 members are playing this tournament.

One of the best performance in the world cup is Kenya who reaches the semi-final 2013, who is the non-full member of the ICC.

Winner of the ICC Cricket World Cup

This is a great and excellent event in the world of entertainment. Everyone is waiting for this great event. This is the true source of entertainment. Everyone supports their team and country. A big fight to one and another we see in the tournament.

A lot of enjoying is the concern for this tournament. Australia is one of the most favorite team in the world cup. Australia won the world cup five times. The last of the world cup also win by Australia.

The second winner is West Indies who won the world cup for two times and also India won by two times. And the last are two teams, one of the Pakistan and second is Sri Lanka, they win for one each.

ICC Cricket World Cup Teams

In the eleven editions of world cup total team are participated is 20. In the last session of the world cup team are included is 14. Now the current top ten high ranked teams are included. The total number of the team are played in ICC World Cup 2019 is 10.

ICC Cricket World Cup Champion

The current world cup champion is Australia