Junior Squash | Pakistan become the world champion of junior squash after defeated to the India in final.

Patia: Pakistan becomes the champion of the junior Asian Squash Championship after defeating India in the final. The junior squash championship is played in the Patia in Thailand.

The final match played between India and Pakistan, in which Pakistan beat India and become the Asian Junior champion of squash. Pakistani player performs well, Farhan Hashemi and Abbas Zeb played an amazing game.

In the final Farhan Hashmi defeated India by 2-1 the ratio is 2-1,9-11,7-11,11-5,9-11, while Abbas Zen won the against Indian player Bohani Bhanani, his ratio was is 4-3,2-11,6-11 in the final match.

After winning the match and title of Asian Junior Champion all the team players slogans alive and played prostrate thanks.