WWE News: Finn Buller pointed to match against Undertaker in WrestleMania

WWE News: Finn Buller pointed to match against Undertaker in WrestleMania. The Undertaker was last seen in the Crown Jewel Pay-Per-View when he fought against D-Generation X with his brother Kane.

As soon as the WrestleMania season approaches, the entire WWE Universe here thinks that the Taker will still fight in the ring again.

Finn Buller has made a match tease on the Instagram with himself and The Phoenom. Surprisingly, it was not in the form of a demon king.

By the way, The Undertaker’s 2018 has been quite busy. He made a major comeback against John Cena in WrestleMania 35. Defeated Rusev in the Greatest Royal Rumble.

After this, he faced Triple H in Super Show-Down. Together with Ken, D-Generation X competed in Crown Jewel. Undertaker seems to be in a better position than before and they can have some more matches.

Finn Bullers are always a special wrestler on Raw. Although he has never been able to reach those heights, he made during his first run when he first became WWE Universal Champion.

It seems a good chance for them to come back in the discussion again in a way. Anyways WWE fans are waiting for the Undertaker to return.

It should be kept in mind that since The Undertaker had held a retirement match with the Roman Rena in Wrestlemania, he had been looking for a better shape than the previous few years.

Will this match be in WrestleMania? Are the stickers ready to fight another match? The answers to all these questions are going to be known only in the storyline of the WrestleMania season.

Given the fitness of the taker and the push for the fin baller, the probability of this match is quite high.