Australia became the first country to win 1000 matches, defeating India 122 times

Australia became the first country to win 1000 matches, defeating India 122 times, see the complete list. Australia defeated India by 34 runs in ODIs played in Sydney on Saturday. With this, he has taken a 1-0 lead in the ODI series.

Australia has started its unique record, starting with the 2019 win. He defeated India by 34 runs in the one-day match played in Sydney on Saturday (January 12). Along with that, Australia has become the first country in the world to win 1000 international matches.

Australia is the only team that has won more than 800 international matches. England’s team is second with 774 wins.

ODI match won 559th time

Australia’s team is the most winning team in the Test and ODI format. He has played 1853 international matches so far. These include 818 Tests, 921 ODIs, and 114 T20 matches. Australia has won 384 Tests, 559 ODIs and 58 T20 of these. In the case of victory in Tests and ODIs, he is number 1 in the world.

In the case of winning the T20 match, he is at number four. She won 58 out of 114 T20 matches. Pakistan has won the most 89 T20 matches. In terms of winning most T20 matches, India (69) third and South Africa (63) are at number four.

India beat 122 times

Twenty-four matches have been played between Australia and India, together with the three formats. Of these 122 matches, Australia has won. Whereas, India has won 84 matches. Both countries have played a matching tie, 26 Test matches are drawn and 11 matches are canceled.

Together with the three formats, Australia has defeated England 234 times. Apart from this, West Indies have lost 136, New Zealand 128, South Africa 111 and Pakistan 100 times. The Sri Lankan team has lost 82 times from Australia.

28 teams have played international matches

Talking about world cricket, so far only 25 countries have been able to achieve the status of any format from the ICC Test, ODI or T20 cricket. 12 of these countries have the status of playing Test cricket.

The remaining 13 countries have been given the status of playing one-day at different times, which are also withdrawn after poor performance. Apart from these 25 countries, ICC XI, Asia XI, and Africa XI have also been playing international matches.