WWE News: Will Survivor Series Broke Stromman Be Bigger?

As we have seen, Braun Storman is very angry and he is trying to kill Baron Corbin every time. Although there was a deal between Stefani and Storman during Raw, in which Stephanie had accepted Storman’s point of view. Now there are a few hours left in the Survivor Series but this PPV can be a big fraud with Storman.

Red brand vs. Blue brand is going to match 5 on 5 Elimination. Like Raw, Bron Storman, Dolph Nigel, Drew McIntyre, Finn Buller, and Bobby Lashley. SmackDown brings Ray Mysterio, Samoa Jo, The Miz, Jeff Hardy, and Shane McMahan. Now it is being speculated that Bronstromman might be a big fraud during the match.

Actually, Stephanie has made it clear that after the Survivor Series, Storman will be rematching for the Universal title and also to give a chance against Baron Corbin. Although Baron Corbin in Survivor Series can be the cause of the defeat of their team.

During the match, the Corbin can attack Storman with a Chair. After that Storman will lose in the match and Stroman will then forget all the conditions by attacking the Corbin.

If the carbon attacks Storman, surely someone else will pin them. At the same time, red brands may have to face defeat. Stroman can fly after the attack and run behind the Corbin. Corbyn was cheated in Crown Jewel, while this may be something like this at this time.

At the same time, in the match between Brock Lesnar and Danielle Brian, Storman can move the storyline ahead by striking Lesnar. Now we have to see what happens in Survivor Series.