IPL 2019: Rajasthan Royals, Kings XI Punjab, Kolkata Knight Riders, 3 teams can buy Gautam Gambhir for IPL

Preparations are being done for next year’s IPL. Next month the auction process is also going to happen. Many teams reacted to their fanciers, there were some names that could not take place in the list of Titans. Former Delhi Daredevils captain Gautam Gambhir was also released from the team. Although Gambhir is still very strong in cricket he will not be seen playing in the Delhi team with young faces.

If you see the form and fitness of this left-handed batsman, then it is wonderful. His bat in the Vijay Hazare Trophy has spoken solemnly. On his birthday, he also scored a stormy century in a match. Serious enough fits too. Nobody can say that he is 37 years old. They do not appear to be far behind in the game.

In his captaincy, he also made the Kolkata Knight Riders 2 times the IPL champion. Taking responsibility for the consistent defeat of the team last season, he had left the captaincy of Delhi in the middle. Many teams will have the opportunity to bid for serious and they will not want to miss it.

Rajasthan Royals

The team of Royals managed to make the top four in the last season but the team was weak in terms of batting. Steve Smith will join this team but he will have the option to include Gautam Gambhir.

With Rahane and Smith in the team, they will be able to beat any team. Rajasthan Royals will also want to be experienced players along with the team in addition to bowling and Gautam Gambhir cannot be considered for the T20 cricket.

Kings XI Punjab

Kings XI Punjab has released Yuvraj Singh According to the rules, only 4 foreign players can play in the team. For the balanced and spectacular batting order Kings XI Punjab can see good options as Gautam Gambhir.

They will experience the work of Kings XI Punjab, it can not be ruled out. Chris Gayle’s performance was spectacular in last season, but this is not always necessary. Gambhir can be made as an opener and his duo with KL Rahul can be made.

Gautam Gambhir has a long experience of IPL and he also captained the teams. Ashwin is new in terms of captaincy, therefore, Gambhir can also prove to be helpful for him. If seen, Kings XI Punjab can prove to be serious about buying all these things.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Everyone knows what Gautam Gambhir has done for Kolkata Knight Riders. He has won the title twice for his team on his tremendous captaincy. Last season he teamed up with Delhi Daredevils team with him back The KKR team reached the play-off in the captaincy of Dinesh Karthik but the serious thing was not noticed.

Calcutta people also give them much love. Kolkata’s love for the people of Kolkata was a great love for the people in the fight against Kolkata.

To bring back the old player back to the team, KKR can make a bid during the management auction. With Gambhir coming, the opening batting will improve and the team will benefit. For Gautam Gambhir at the IPL auction, KKR can be the first to come up first in bidding. This player has given the team 2 times to be happy.