Actress Kalki Kochlin believes that when action scenes can be choreographed, why not intimate scenes

It’s scary to do kissing with unknown actors: Kalki Koechlin. Actress Kalki Koechlin believes that when action scenes can be choreographed, why not intimate scenes. In Bollywood many times actresses have to do intimate scenes with their own self-estimate actors, just imagine how much uncontrollable conditions it might be.

Now, Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin says that it is extremely important for actors to trust each other before shooting intimate scenes.

Kalki believes that this trend must be made mandatory in the film industry. Kalki said that he did intimate scenes with him without meeting some actors, which should not be.

Kalki expanded his point saying that he said, “When we are on the sets of the film, then any person is actually frightened to do choreographed action scenes. No person ‘accidentally’ punching on the actor’s face, so why are not we doing this for intimate scenes? ‘

He said, ‘There are so many scenes where I did not meet the actor before the kiss scene. It does not understand. The actor should believe in. “Actress participated in a panel discussion on the code of conduct on the workplace in the 9th edition of ‘Tata Literature Live’.

Kalki believes that taking responsibility for collective responsibility for a person and industry is very important.

Let us know that Kalki had also given his consent to the statement in the #MeToo campaign. However, there was no comment on any case. He said, ‘I do not think I can comment on some other person. I do not have complete information about any case. Therefore, I can not comment on this. ‘

Kalki is seen in ‘Eros Now’ web series ‘Smoke’ these days. Kalki’s acting has been highly appreciated in the total of 11 episodes. Kalki is the former wife of Anurag Kashyap, a filmmaker.