WWE News: Tennis Legend Serena Williams wants to see in WWE Stephanie McMahan

WWE Chief Brand Officer (CBO) and current Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahan attended the web summit in Lisbon. During his presentation, StAfNi gave a startling statement that he wants to see Tennis Legend Serena Williams in WWE.

Web Summit is one of the world’s largest tech-based press conferences on the basis of technology, politics, and business. Stephany McMahan attended the show to promote WWE Women’s Revolution.

During an interview with Kurt Wagner, Stepney was asked what high profile athletes he would like to see in WWE. Without any hesitation, Stephanie McMahan took the name of American tennis legend Serena Williams.

The real reason behind asking this question was former UFC Champion Ronda Rousseau, who is currently in contract with WWE and is also a Raw Women’s Champion.

After answering the above question, Stephanie McMahan responded, “I was in the same flight, in which Serena Williams’s husband was traveling.” Serena Williams has always opened the doors of WWE. Love. “

If Serena Williams arrives at the WWE in the coming years, she can match the headlines of the entire media world, with her Ronda Rousseau match. If the match is in Wrestlemania, it will probably become one of the Famous Women’s Division matches in the history of the company.

The list of players, actors, and leaders coming from other fields in WWE is very long. It includes names from Donald Trump to NBA legend Shawk O’Neill, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather. Serena Williams, 37, currently plays professional tennis. After retiring, after getting good offers from WWE, he can become a part of the company.