WWE World Cup tournament winner’s name came out?

WWE World Cup: Crown Jewel will be held in Saudi Arabia on 2 November. In this, for the first time, the World Cup tournament has been held between 8 superstars. For this, the name of four people has already been announced. It has also started its hot spell over Sattabazar. Fans are unimaginable to know it. Because this will be the first World Cup tournament.

The WWE Crown is doing its best to make the Jewell a success. Shawn Michaels has also been recalled. DX is now one. Triple H and Shawn Michaels will compete with Undertaker and Kane. Fans are sitting pretty hopefully about this match.

In addition to this, Roman Reigns will defend against their Universal championship, Brock Lesnar and Stroman. AJ Styles will also defend against their championship, Daniel Brian. This will be a dream match.

It’s just a few weeks left for this. Currently, Focus is on Women’s PPV. Evolution of Women will be the first time. It’s fast but Skybot has released for the Batting Odds World Cup tournament.

John Cena, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy have already qualified for this tournament. Three people have qualified by winning the match. While John Cena has already been kept.

Now there are four seats and banks. They will show how the show will be. Skybot has released speculators

John Cena- 7/4

Randy Orton-9/2

Rey Mysterio- 8/1

Jeff Hardy-9/1

Kurt Angle-9/1

Bobby Lashley-12/1

Finn Buller-18/1


Dean Ambrose- 20/1


Jindar Mahal – 20/1


Sath Rollins-20/1





There is nothing to be surprised about. John Cena is still everyone’s favorite. He can show his magic in the World Cup. Next week is the match between Nakamura and Ray Mysterio. Here’s something to know.