The chemical reaction of the offensive team brought by Yuya Osamu

The chemical reaction of the offensive team brought by Yuya Osamu. The existence value of Ace which influences the direction of Morijo J. Japan will face international friendly game with Panama on December 12.

What kind of chemical reactions to the existence of Yuya Osaku show with the attractiveness of attackers who will be responsible for the next generation, as the traditional mainstay classes that participated in the Russian World Cup since this camp gathered one after another? What is a combination of offensive teams that make use of “not hesitate” ace striker? (Coverage/sentence: Etsuko Motogawa)

Panama will be held on the 12th, which will be the first step of the fusion of the main force and the new generation that contributed to the advance of the 16 in the Russian World Cup.

The Japanese national team, which has been holding a training camp in the field since 8th, will hold a private final adjustment at the Niigata Denka Big Swan Stadium where cold rain falls on the evening of 11th the day before the game, except for the opening 15 minutes.

At the opening meeting which was long as 4 and a half minutes, there was also a screenplay that Mori Yoshidaya nominated as a new captain to director Mori Hoichi greeted in the circle.

Nagatomo Yuuto, who aims to qualify for the forthcoming World Cup in Qatar after four years, also said, “Captain after Hasebe (Makoto) will be quite troublesome, but please show him his captain. I want to do it, “he sent an ally to his ally.

One point of attention of Panama against how many Russian World Cup groups will start with Yoshida as the lead. GK east exit Hideaki and DF Makino Tomoaki and MF Endo sailing may be preserved because there is a view that this time we will preferentially appoint athletes with fewer turns in September against Costa Rica.

There are a few possibilities that Nagatomo and Sakai Hiroki who were delayed in the merger due to the schedule of the game schedule can be regarded as next-time staff. Among them, the absolute striker, Yuya Osamu, who is participating in the training camp from the first day, is considered a promising candidate for the stamen. Director Moriori is also strongly willing to see a combination with his fresh attackers, such as Dodo Anna and Ito Junya.

Shinya Nakajima 10 Shinya Nakajima who left a brilliant impression at the beginning of the new regime also said that “(Osako has) experience, I can keep it in front, I think that the bargaining in front of the goal is also good , Jackson (· Martinez) etc in Portimimonse and Jackson (· Martinez) etc. There is so much compatibility with myself, I think that it is easy to do, “I am looking forward to co-starring since the match against Mali this March.

Nakajima is depriving the representative’s first goal in that game that was the A representative debut game. Because Osako energetically carried out the work that puts the body on the front line and puts the ball. It is certain that the good feeling at that time still remains.

Reproduction of “Omusu Odoriba Himari”

In retrospect, since the middle stage of the Russian World Cup Asian final qualifiers, the existence value of Osamu was always overwhelming. In addition to the outstanding skill that can keep the ball calmly even if it is surrounded by two or three enemies, one goal 1 assist and explosion at the Russian World Cup main match in the first game against Colombia. He reigned in the center FW which can draw clear results to attract victory.

“Osamu Ochibeni” is a buzzword, and the place where I said that “Osaka played from Oosaku players” to Osaku Jie of the same family name who issued the Japanese first 2 hours 5 minutes in the Chicago Marathon this month, It shows the magnitude of this man’s impact.

After that, while both of the FWs of Shinko Okazaki and Mr. Yoshiaki Muto who participated in the same big stage suffered without being able to increase as thought of turns at the belonging club, Osako won the trust from the director Florian Coffer in an instant in the new place Bremen, from the opening Started in six matches during seven games. I’m showing a goal to take one goal so far.

“I am trying to match around and I’m trying to fit together as well and it was a blessing that the (new) team received a warm welcome, but to be honest I also (after the World Cup) I had a hard time in two weeks, I felt something invisible after the World Cup, I switched from there and got over, so I got even more visible results Ace striker regains its fresh condition and joins Morijo Japan.

The FW team of this time is very big that entrusted to the anxiety just because the two people who are lacking achievements such as Kawamata Kozo and Kitagawa Yahaya are convening convocation. It is no doubt that the offensive team will be activated as he plays firmly at the forefront, as the time of the Russian World Cup, showing the mastery of performance.

The chemical reaction caused by Osamu Yuya

Rather, there is even a view that narrowing down attackers in the second row will be done depending on whether it meets or exceeds that obsession. Mr. Haraguchi who fought together in Russia and Nakajima who stood at the same pitch during the coaching of Vid Halilhojicchi are still good, but Doyo, Ito, Takumi Minamino, Kitagawa etc have never played together so much as to say.

So if you can show the attentiveness and boldness that Osako draws out each merit, a new color will be born in Japanese attacks. “All the young players have good ones, they are the same professional soccer players and they are Japanese, so it’s very easy to do,” Oosuke himself is optimistic.

For example, if it is with Tao, advanced technology and creativity can be drawn, and if it is a combination with Ito it will be possible to free himself by using the speed like his arrow. It is also interesting that it is 2 tops of vertical relations with Minamino and Kitagawa. Whether to make use of young talent or kill it depends on Yuya Osamu’s every move.

The person himself is also trying to pull the team by bringing out actions from myself to the younger members. Keisuke Honda Keiyun Honda said that Osako, who had fewer mouths, has left a comment that “There are not many conversations so much as there are so many adult players” also told the world standards of the new strength and the World Cup Best 8 It is a manifestation of a posture to increase the momentum to break the wall.

It is encouraging for Moriobo to also show an internal change in that way. It is supposed to be a slightly different work than the previous Osamu Yuuya this time.

What kind of variation will the offensive teams that Osako take to tow? It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the first point to check in Panama. In international A match in Niigata which is the first time in 4 years, I would like to show people in Japan again the power of “non-hedge dotting shop” to raise the existence value of the Japanese delegate once again.