Russian football player, 7 years probability of imprisonment What happened?

On the evening of 10th October, two Russian football players Pavel Mamaev and Aleksandr Kokorin caused two assault cases and was handed down as a criminal case. The two spent the night in a detention house.

When the Russian interior ministry announced on the 11th the next morning, the two were suspicious of assault and violent acts and could be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than seven years.

The judgment will be given on the 12th. There are home confinement, prohibition pledge, detention disposition as possible judgments. I will tell you the details of the big scandal that shakes all over Russia.

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On October 7, there was a match between FC Zenit to which Kokorin belongs in St. Petersburg and Kuban Krasnodar for Mamaev. After FC Zenit won 2 to 1, they came together for Moscow to celebrate 10 weeks of friendship. At midnight they visited the strip club.

According to reports on Russian media, the two who left the club drunk on the 8th morning began kicking the cars in the parking lot as being “obstructive” to pass. Drivers rejected this, and two beat the driver of one of them. The victim was a woman driver who served as TV caster for national channel 1, the main Russian television station.

Two hours later, they took breakfast and headed for the cafe. Even at a cafe, two people took inappropriate behavior and bureaucrats of the Ministry of Trade and Industry who were in the midst of breakfast reprimanded.

The two beat the bureaucracy with a chair or the like. After that, the police began investigating as a criminal case.

FC Zenit announced the statement “From a human and emotional point of view, such incidents cause only shame and disappointment.” Kuban and Krasnodar announced that they are considering canceling the contract with Mamaev, but “contracts are made to protect professional athletes to the utmost,” so it may not be easy to cancel the contract It pointed out.

FC Zenit is a well-known football club whose name is widely known in Russia and has a history of 93 years. Kuban · Krasnodar is a relatively young club as a decade since the formation, but in the 2014/15 season, it is third in the Russian championship.