Dominic family meets tennis star Christina Mladanovic

Dominic family meets tennis star Christina Mladanovic. France’s famous tennis star Dominic Thim is playing in the Linz Open these days. After defeating Harriet Dart in the first round of the tournament, Christina went to meet the family of his boyfriend Dominic Them.

He said that he had a good time with Dominic’s family. It matters a lot to me. Although I know most of Dominic’s Family Members, it’s great to meet their family.

Christina’s visit to Dominique’s family is also in the discussion because it was said in the past that Dominic and Christina are soon to engage in engagement.

Dominic wanted to associate Christina with her family. So when Christina reached Linz for the tournament, she was mixed with the family. At the same time, Christina also praised the beauty of the city of Colchester.

He said that before playing a professional tennis, my destination was only from the hotel to the practice venue, but now things have changed. Now in the country where the tournaments happen, I get only halfway through the day.

Christina also praised the city of Vienna. He said – Here the rural area is quite glorious. They liked going here