Pakistan Vs Australia: The Dubai Test between Pakistan and Australia was scared after a thrilling competition

The Dubai Test between Pakistan and Australia was scared after a thrilling competition. Pakistan needed 7 wickets to win the match on the last day, but the Australian team was successful in scoring the test by adopting defensive style.

In the pursuit of 462 runs in the game, Australia scored 362 for the loss of 8 wickets on the last day. Usman Khawaja went out after 141 runs in the innings of innings, Yessir did LBW.

After Uthman Khawaja, Yasir Shah also showed Mitchell Stark and Peter Saddle’s path to the pavilion, but Tim Tom and Nathan Lyon of Australia adopted a very defensive style on the ninth wicket and did not give any further damage.

On the fifth and last day, Usman Khawaja 50 and Tres Head were present on the cries with 34 runs, both the batsmen contributed 132 runs.

The team’s total score reached 219, while Tracee became 72 runs for Mohammad Hafeez, after which the new batsman Labschigney also proved 13 guests. Usman Khawaja and captain Tim Pan scored caution on the sixth wicket, but Usman Khawaja made 141 runs out.

After this, Yasir Shah also kept the seat of Peter Saddle and Mitchell Stark, despite getting three wickets each, Pakistan could not get more than two wickets by maintaining pressure on Australian batsmen and the match ended.

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Australian captain Tim Pan scored 61 runs in a stunning inning and returned unbeaten. In the second innings by Pakistan, Yasir Shah 4, Mohammad Abbas 3 and Mohammad Hafeez won one wicket. Mohammad Abbas won the total wicket in the match. Australian batsman Usman Khawaja was declared the best player of the match.

The idea is that Pakistan won the toss and decided to bat first and achieved a good combination of 482 runs in the first innings. Pakistan had Mohammad Hafeez 126, Harris Sohail 110, Asad Shafiq 80 and Imam ul Haq were 76 runs.

In response, Australia’s team got out in 202 for their first innings. Mohammad Abbas 4 and Bilal Asif got out of 6 players. Instead of turning on Australia, Pakistan started the second innings. Pakistan scored 181 runs on 6 wickets, and Australia got 462 runs for victory.

Australia scored 326 for the first time of the match while Pakistan needed wickets. The series of two Test matches between Pakistan and Australia is equal to 0-0.

The second Test match between the two teams will start in Abu Dhabi from October 16, after which the series of three T-T20 matches will be played.