5 bouts of which WWE veteran Shawn Michaels can become

Shawn Michaels fought his last match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26. According to him, it was the best time to end his career, and for the last 8 years, he said that he is not thinking much about coming into the ring.

From the things happening in the past, it seems that Michaels is going to make a comeback in Crown Jewel this year. Their match was announced even after the Super Show-Down. Within a few weeks, our next fight will be fought and it is not certain that they will fight only one or more. If he competes in more matches, then let us know five of the matches that Michaels can become.

5 The Undertaker

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are two big enemies of WWE history. Their enmity has been running since 1990 and they also fought against each other in the first Hal-in-the-Sale encounter, after which WrestleMania 25 re-hosted their enmity and we got to see another 5-star match.

Both are working for the company at this time and considering the current situation, there is every possibility that Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker may face again.

4 Dolf Ziegler

Dolph Ziegler again joined the company in 2008, and he has now been twice the world champion, sometimes Intercontinental, the United States and tag team champion. There is no indication of the animosity of these two at this time but it is very worthless to not give a great performance like Dolph jiggler to any big giants.

Dolph and Drew are making themselves the main event superstar of RAW at this time and if we get to see D Generation X vs. Dolf Jigger and Drew McIntyre, then their hostility can be quite good.

3 Shawn Michaels vs Sath Rawlins

Like Dolph Ziggler, Sath Rollins also does a great job inside the ring. WWE will not need much story to match both of these, and if there is a fight between the two, then the fans will be very happy. Both Michaels and Rollins work well inside the ring and their mic skills are also quite good.

2 Shawn Michaels vs Daniel Brian

Daniel Brian was once part of the Texas Wrestling Academy, which runs Shawn Michaels. When Brian became a big star, commentators Akshay used to say that Shawn Michaels has trained him.

However, when CM Punk commented, he told that Shawn Michaels did not teach Brian anything except a headlock. In 2013, Brian lost the WWE Championship due to Shawn Michaels. Fans will not mind if we get to see the angle of a good teacher versus a student in the future.

1 Shawn Michaels vs AJ Styles

Shawn Michaels is one of WWE’s best performers in history, and AJ Styles is the best wrestler of WWE this time. The fans are eager to see this match and the match should be held in WrestleMania 35 next year. Michaels will not be able to deal with the styling because the styling handles things very easily.