Pakistan Vs Australia: Pakistan’s victory against Australia in the Test match, Australia 136/3

In the Dubai Test, Pakistan reached near the possible victory, after Australia’s target of 462 runs, Australia’s 3 wickets fell on 136, Australia needed more 326 runs to win, while Pakistan has to win 7 wickets for the last day.

Australia has scored 136 runs for the loss of three wickets in their second innings in pursuit of 462 runs in the fourth Test match against Dubai.

Sarfraz eleven scored 461 runs for 6 wickets after the second innings declared scored 462 runs for the wicket, in which the team has scored 136 runs at the loss of three wickets in pursuit of the match.

Mohammad Abbas made the first Ayron Finch in 30 overs in the second innings of Australia and then scored Shan Marsh for the wickets. Aeron Finch played 49 runs in an innings when Shan Marsh did not even open his account and back to the pavilion.

Mohammad Abbas also made Machch Marsh to LBW on his next over.

After defeating three wickets each, Usman Khawaja and Tracee Head played a cautiously by scoring his team’s score for the loss of a single wicket until the fourth day ended. Usman Khawaja 50 and Tres Head were on the wicket with 34 runs in the fourth day when the fourth game was over. Australia needs more 326 runs and it has seven wickets remaining.

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Earlier, opening bowler Imam ul Haq and Harris Sohail started the fourth day when Imam ul Haq 23 and Harris Sohail were present on zero.

Both the batsmen contributed 65 runs for the fourth wicket and the team scored 110 to 110, while Imam ul Haq made 48 runs, Harris Sohail, who made the series in the first innings, was 39 runs.

By the time of the meal, the national team made 155 runs for the loss of five wickets, after the break, Asad Shafiq scored 41 runs on the back of the innings after the break, the captain scored an innings.

Babar was dismissed with 28 runs and thus the national team scored 462 for the wicket to win Australia. Australia beat Jonathan, 3, Nathan Lone and Laschinger for one wicket.

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The Australian team scored 202 runs after the last day, Pelin had returned, after which the national team decided to not turn on and the other innings started, but Pakistan finished 3 wickets for just 45 runs at the end of the day.

The third day of the game

The first loss in Pakistan in the second innings happened in the form of Mohammad Hafeez, who scored the innings in the first innings, but only 17 runs.

Pakistan’s second wicket fell on 38 when Bilal Asif came out without any runs while he came as Knight Watchman. After that, Azhar Ali came for the bat but he only made 4 runs and returned to the pavilion after which the third day of the game reached the end.

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Aunty Finch and Usman Khawaja set 142 runs for the first wicket, and the whole team scored 202 runs, followed by the national team by 280 runs on the Kangaroo. Everything is also achieved.

The first Test-playing Aryon Finch made 62 runs and reached the total score of 160 so that Marsh became the victim of 7 runs after making 7 runs.

Opening batsman Usman Khawaja was the highest of 85, Mitchell Marsh 12, Peter Sudal 10 and captain Tim Pan 7 runs while Trace Head, Marshall Laschinger, and Mitchell Starks were unbeaten.

Bilawal Asif, who played the first test match of Pakistan by Pakistan, performed a spectacular bowling and 6 players saw pavilion way when Mohammad Abbas got 4 wickets.

In the first innings, Pakistan made 482 runs for Mohammad Hafeez and Harris Sohail’s innings.