3 reasons for which it proves that it was a good decision not to mix Ruasev De

A few weeks ago, Eden surprised the entire WWE Universe in English when he cheated his friend Rusev. A lot of WWE fans were expecting that they would do so. In order to keep things interesting, WWE showed a segment that included English and Lana.

This week, he tried to mix Ruasev De once again, but his idea did not work. Let’s know how three such reasons which show how not mixing Rasev de was a good decision.

This decision is correct for a heel English

Due to Aden English, WWE Fans chants Rusev’s Day in today’s time. Within the last 72 hours, there were several heel tones in WWE and it seems that the company is focusing on heel wallets instead of face travelers, and for this reason, it was a good decision not to add Raser de.

English has a good voice and can use it promos easily. At this time, he should pay attention to his singles career because he can do a lot of good work alone.

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This storyline gets worsened

The English heel turn was shocking but it seems that the WWE still wants to include a lot in this storyline, to make English a good heel.

This storyline forced WWE fans to know what happened between Lana and English, and if Rousseau had accepted English offer then this storyline would have no meaning. Some fans will still say that this storyline is getting worse but only things can be made good, they will face each other in the future.

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Russave needs to be a face

A lot of WWE fans were expecting that Rusev would turn his heel against his friend English, but it was reversed. Rousseau used to come as a dangerous wrestler in the early part of his career, but soon the company made him the jobber.

However, after connecting with English, Rusev de Chants became famous and WWE Universe now uses it everywhere. Now Rocev is working as a face and if he had killed Aden’s offer, then his career could have been ruined again.