Ballon d’Or Award: Ronaldo, the accused of rape, also named

Paris: Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been struggling with reprehensible allegations of rape, is also among the 30 nominees nominated for the prestigious Ballon d’Or Award for the best footballer of the year. Ronaldo has won the award given by France Football Magazine for the last two consecutive years. So far this trophy has been done 5 times on his name.

33-year-old Ronaldo is struggling with allegations of rape imposed by American model Catherine. Due to these allegations, Ronaldo’s biggest sponsor company is also seen in the mood to break the $ 72 billion contract.

If this happens then it will be the biggest loss to any player in any game. There is also a concern for Ronaldo that FIFA has removed Ronaldo’s photograph from his website.

Like Ronaldo, Barcelona’s star footballer Lionel Messi is also in the race for this prestigious award. Ronaldo and Massey have been doing this title for the last several years. However, this time Croatia’s midfielder Luca Modarich and Wells forward Gareth Bale can give them a tough fight.

Moderich Russia won the Golden Ball award in the FIFA World Cup. Moderich was also chosen the best player of FIFA last month. At the same time, Bell had scored two goals in the Champions League final against Liverpool.

For the award, France’s World Cup winners Paul Pogba, Kylan Mbappe, Antoine Grisman, N Golo Kante, Captain Hugo Loris, Rafael Varane are also nominated. The panel of sports journalists has selected these players.

It is interesting that for the first time these awards will be given to women in the year 1956. This time the winner will be selected from the list of 15 players.