WWE released a list of SmackDown’s All-Time 5 Greatest Superstars

When the episode of the telecast of SmackDown will be a history on October 16 (October 17 in India), then it will have a history in itself. SmackDown has made 998 episodes while completing 1,000 episodes and creating a Blue Brand history.

The first episode of SmackDown was on April 29, 1999, after which the Blue Brand extended its chariot of success. A lot of racers have made their own identity in the nearly 19-year history of the SmackDown show. These racers have made four changes in the show by playing the match.

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SmackDown is a show where racers get the chance to show their talent. In this way, Blue Brand has released its list of all the five-time Greatest Wrestlers, before the Blue Brand released a list of Top 15 racers. Let’s look at All-Time Greatest-

1.Dwin the Rock Johnson

2. The Undertaker

3. AJ Stiles

4. Edge

5. Eddie Guerrero

The name of The RAW is at number one, which is not surprising, while Dedman has been given another one. Two years ago, became part of WWE and AJ Stiles, the champion from December last year, has been ranked third. Former champion Edge has been ranked fourth, while Eddie Guerrero is placed at fifth position.

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Let’s tell you that the same WWE announcement has happened that Batista’s return will be in the 1,000th episode and the evolution will be part of the reunion. I.e. the fans will once again be seen in Rings Flair, Randy Orton, Triple H and Batista pair.

Now SmackDown has completed 998 episodes and is preparing for 1000th episode. What’s going on in the Blue Brand’s Grand Episode and when WWE creates a record, the look will be.

Author: Abdul Sattar