5 Great things that can happen this time in WWE Raw

Before the WWE Super Showdown, Raw is the last episode of RAW. The company had suffered a major setback since last week’s Raw episode when the 25 years of RAW ratings are the most useless in the history.

The company’s full focus now hinges on the success of Super Show Down. To reach the event, the last episode of Raw will have to be good, so be excited to see the fan show. Let’s look at those things which can be brought up again by the tax RAW viewership.

Breakthrough Intercontinental Championship Go Seth Rollins

The Shield will face Bron Storman, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler in the 6 men tag team match of Super Show Down. Last week, Seth Rollins tried to provoke Drew McIntyre. The company can book the IC title matches between Sath Rollins and Dr. McIntyre in Raw.

Druze is currently the tag team champion and if the company becomes the champion of both of them then the WWE and Macintire may well be good for themselves.

The attack on Braun Stroman, Roman Rena, Brock Lesnar

Everyone saw the return of Brock Lesnar at the Main Event of the Hall in a Sale. After that, it was announced by the company that Crown Jewel will have a Triple Threat match for the Universal Championship.

There is still a month left to come on November 2, but the company can take a lot of benefit from the return of Lesnar to RAW. Brock Lessner beating Ron Strommen and Roman Rena during a break in Raw, it can prove to be quite good.

Kurt Angle’s Return

Stephany McMahan discharged Kurt Angle after coming to Raw a few weeks ago. He was unhappy with the work of Kurt Angle and sent him on leave for several days. Baron Corbin is playing the role of the acting manager in Angle’s absence.

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Kurt Angle’s return can be the subject of debate between Baron Corbin and theirs. Thereby creating a new storyline in WWE Raw.

Take a Heal Turn against Chad Gabbel Bobby Rood

It will be a hurry to break this team because Rudd and Gabel have come together some weeks ago. Both of them have done a good job so far. During his time spent in NXT, Rudd played the role of a heel and sealed the hearts of the fans.

Bobby Rood’s glare has just diminished since coming into the main roster. They have not been put in any good storyline yet. While at SmackDown, he had just received the US title. Now a ride can be made by rubbing gems on Gabel. This allows them to see good matches between the two.

Come face-to-face before match Triple H and Undertaker

The last time in the Super Show Down between Triple H and The Undertaker will be the match. It would be great if you try both the superstars’ build-up before this match. Most of the fans watching RAW will sit in the hope that both of them face a face-to-face.

While the backstage is always available for Triple H. Raw, The Undertaker has to come to Raw this week. Fans will be delighted to meet face-to-face before the match, and a good promo or even a scuffle can be brought in to bring the hostile to the final execution.

If Ken and Shawn Michaels also come together during this segment, then this fence will be remembered for a long time because the last time in the WWE is Triple H vs Taker match.