Strong Liverpool, Legend · Steven Gerrard ‘s key players are six consecutive wins …

Steven Gerrard, who is a legendary Liverpool legend and currently overseen by Scottish Rangers, cites Brazilian representative FW Roberto Filamin for this season’s strongest key player

Liverpool led by Jürgen Crop is the single leader with six consecutive wins from the opening in the premier league this season. The seven consecutive victories of the official game from the opening including the Champions League (CL) has made the best start in the history of the club.

Mr. Gerrard praised FIRMINO as a particularly important part of the team. “It’s a real genius if you are watching nearby, playing decides how to set the goal is also fun.” While Muhammad Salah and Sadio Manet playing together on the front line are important as well, he emphasizes the importance as “the key is Filipino”.

Real Madrid wearing the cloak of Barcelona with Lopetighe

Mr. Gerrard himself also achieved CL victory in Liverpool, but he says “There was a shortage of strength depending on the position,” as the reason why he could not win in the Premier League. On the other hand, “If you look at the current Liverpool, you can not find weak points if you are the best member.”

“The current team is far stronger than the team I was playing, it is quite a while since Liverpool members are so good,” Gerrard said. In response to the expectation of the former captain, will Liverpool be able to push forward to the premier league championship of this desire as it is?