PSL 4: Abdul Razaq, Imran Nazir will appear in the action by PSL Franchise

Abu Dhabi: The All-rounder Abdul Razaq will appear in the action by PSL Franchise. Abdul Razzaq, former All-rounder of the Pakistan Cricket Team, will represent Lahore Qalandar in the T-Twenty20 tournament next month in Abu Dhabi. T-Twenty20 tournament will be played in Sheikh Zaid Stadium from 4th to 6th October, which will include top-ticket teams worldwide, including Lahore Qalandar.

Each team has four international players’ participation, Abdur Razzaq as part of the International Playlists Qalandar.

Earlier, Lahore Qalandar has also signed an aggressive batting batman Imran Nazir for the tournament.

Abdul Razzaq says he is very happy to be a part of Lahore Qalandar for Abu Dhabi T-Twenty20.

Imran Nazir PSL became a part of the franchise

The Test cricketer, Imran Nazir Pakistan Super League (PSL), became a part of the franchise Lahore Qalandar.

Imran Nazir will appear in an action by Lahore Qalandar in the Abu Dhabi T-Twenty20 tournament. Abu Dhabi T-Twenty-event will be played from 4th to 6th October.

The Lahore Qalandar team will join 4 international players for this tournament.

Imran Nazir, the aggressive players, says that he is a coach of Lahore Kalandz who gave him an opportunity to return to cricket.

PSL4 8 matches will be held in Pakistan, Decision to finalize in Karachi

He said that Fans would try to enjoy his traditional cricket.

It seems that Imran Nazir fought with a serious illness or severe pain for four and a half years, and since last month he has been seen in the field of cricket.

Imran Nazir has started training at his club P & T Jammu at LC Ground Lahore. He says that he had the same desire that he would play cricket again and God has fulfilled his will.

Imran Nazir says he is now fully fit and wants to play only cricket.

Imran Nazir said that PSL had a chance to play last year, but it was not 100 percent fit, now fit if PSL will play.