My goals are better than goals of advice: Cristiano Ronaldo,FIFA Best Player of the Year award

Match Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo thinks that the goal for Real Madrid against their existing club Juventus in the previous season is better than the goal of bikinis kick.

Ronaldo wrote on the Instagram page that the advice was entitled to Puscus Award. It was a good goal but we should be honest, we should not lie to ourselves, my goal was best.

33-year-old Ronaldo had also won FIFA Best Player of the Year award from his former Real Madrid teammate Luca Modric, while in the race for the best goal of the year, he was beaten by advice. Advice advised the goal against Everton in the English Premier League in December last year.

Ronaldo said that I am not sorry. Life is the name of this, sometimes you lose and sometimes secondly, the most interesting thing for me in my 15-year career is that I have maintained my playing level. Awards are awards. I have a lot I play to win the match and not to win the award.