Del Piero’s splendid “left 45 degrees” artistic bulletin, the Yuva formula off the limelight “Sublime!” “True Monster”

Former Italian national team MF Alessandro Del Piero, who has been highly popular in Japan, played in the prestigious Juventus from 1993 to 2012 as a remarkable historical “fantasista” and won numerous goals with glorious jersey number 10 I decided.

Especially from the 45th left of the goal called “del Piero zone”, I decided a beautiful shot, but Juventus Official Twitter reviewed the stroke of the legend born in 1995. I am sending tribute to “the art of goal” again.

It was in the 94-95 season that Dell Piero emerged in Juventus when the team won the Scudetto (Serie A champion) for the first time in nine years. He won the trust of Marcello Lippi (current coach of China) and recorded eight goals in 29 games in the league game.

Then, in the following season, former Italian representative MF Roberto Baggio who had been fighting for the position moved to AC Milan, he inherited the traditional number 10.

This time Juventus Official Twitter was born on September 27, 1995, as a goal that was revealed by the 20-year-old Dell Clown that was declared the ace of such name and fact. The stage is UEFA Champions League game against Steaua Bucuresti.

When I stopped at the foot of the floating ball from the right back on the left side and running at the feet at the right foot outside while running I confronted with the opponent DF who was pursuing after putting the straddle pain once and confronted with the corner of the penalty area.

At the next moment, he tried to cut in from a soft kick paint, and he had a right foot with a flowing motion. A blow that drew a beautiful arc was sucked into the upper right corner of the goal beyond the overhead of the opponent DF and GK.

An artistic blow from the angle later called “Del Piero Zone”, Juventus Official Twitter introduced with a movie “Goal Art”. In the reply column, “great”, “noble”! “Can not be forgotten ” Del Piero is a true monster of Bianconnero !!! “from the fans

There were successive voices of praise such as.

Dell Pierrot who came back to work 23 years ago came to Japan the other day and visited FC Gifu vs. Tokyo Verdi of J2 34th meeting on the 23rd. In the FK showdown with Gifu’s mascot character Giffy, we also showed off from the ‘Del Piero Zone’. Much brilliant play of fantasista also known as a famous society seems to be fascinated by many fans now.