Cristiano Ronaldo, to the legal measures in a German magazine, reported allegations of women violence. “Serious human rights abuses”

Fewer Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyer belonging to Juventus revealed that he will take legal action against a German magazine reported that the player settled in a woman assault incident in the past.

German magazine Dear Spiegel reported in April last year that Cristiano Ronaldo added sexual assault to a woman in a hotel in Las Vegas and then established a woman. Cristiano Ronaldo had been paid 375,000 dollars (about 49.5 million yen) as a settlement money.

The identity of the woman was not disclosed, but the magazine posted a follow up on 28th. The 34-year-old American woman, Mr. Kathryn Mayorga, is said to be the victim, giving an interview to himself and stakeholders.

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Cristiano Ronaldo side who protested against Spiegel magazine last year also strongly refuted this time. Christian Schultz of “Gestifute” company who handles the player’s management has issued a statement.

“Violating the human rights of Cristiano Ronaldo in a very serious manner,” she claimed. “I was instructed to do any appeal instantly based on the publication law, probably the most serious human rights violation in recent years, and I will demand damages in accordance with the seriousness of the infringement.”