In the 14th match, 4 centuries and 3 half-century hits,has been played by Inzamam’s nephew

A big contender was being offered to Pakistan even before the start of the Asia Cup. But as soon as Pakistan started the league matches, one by one, the taint of their top batsmen started to open. Against small teams where every player in Pakistan gave an all-around performance but when the match was stuck with the big-ranking teams, each one of Pakistan’s all-around knee-jumped knocks appeared.

The talk of a similar Pakistan player is going on very smoothly on social sites. This player is Pakistan’s opener Imam ul Haq.

Imam is the nephew of famous Pakistani cricketer Inzamam-ul-Haq. The big thing is that before the start of the Asia Cup, the name of Imam was such a record that till date till now even stars like Sachin-Kohli could not make it. But as the match progressed, it became fuss in front of big teams. Especially against India, his record was very embarrassing.

Imam is one of Pakistan’s players who had a lot of opposition before the selection. Imam was the nephew of Inzamam, and in such a situation he was accused of being recommended by the Pakistan team. But as soon as the Imam came in the Pakistan team, they closed their mouth with their bat.

Imam has played just 14 matches so far. It has 769 runs in his name at an average of 64. The special thing is that in such short matches he has four centuries and three half-centuries in his name.

Imam’s bat remained silent against India

Whenever there is a match between India and Pakistan, the Pakistan player’s record is always good, but Imam has not done anything special to India in the first two matches. In the first match, he has scored only 10 runs in the second match.

The special thing is that in the current series, Imam has also played three matches with three half-centuries. But the rest of the matches, which were with the high-ranking Indian team, failed miserably in that.