WWE Raw: 3 shocking things that can happen this week in Raw,

There has been a continuous decline in viewership of WWE Raw. The company will have to make the storyline a little fun so that more and more fans can be attracted to the show. WWE‘s next PPV super show will be down in Melbourne, Australia.

Several matches have been announced for this event by the company. Universal and Intercontinental and tag team championships will not be played at the show because all these champions will be in the 6 man tag team match. Before the show, WWE can do many fun things in RAW, which can increase the curiosity among fans about the show.

Natalia can attack Ronda Rousseau

Ronda Rousey came to Raw last week to give the open challenge to the Women’s Wrestler of the locker room. Then there was a startling thing when Natalia’s music played. Everyone was surprised that Natalia would fight against her best friend, Ronda Rousey But then Riot Squad came out with dragging Natalia out of the way.

Bron Storman, who flung the others in the ring, was very passionate about his partner’s injuries.

Alexa Bliss has been hurt in the hand, so in this way, Ronda Rousseau needs a good heel. When Natalia becomes a heel, Ronda can do a good job against Raozi.

Ken’s shocking return

Recently, Ken teamed up with Daniel Bryan to create a team, hello, but due to Ken’s injury, the team soon broke. A short time ago the news came that Ken Noyce was the mayor of the county. It was believed that Ken would not be seen again in the ring.

Now Vince McMahan has convinced Ken to come to the show. Ken will be present on the ringside with the Undertaker during the Super Show Down in Australia. In Triple H and Taker’s hostility, we have already seen promos of Sean, The Game and Taker.

Can come to Raw in prominence by promising and promising this enmity. The match in the Super Show Down can keep the foundation of hostility and match between the Brothers of Destruction and DX.

Brock Lesnar come and attack the Roman Rena

In the Hall in a Cell, Brock Lesnar came and broke the door of the house and beat the Roman and Stroman plenty. Nobody expected Brock Lesnar to come. Paul Heman and Lesnar came up with the result of the whole match, and the match was drawn. Drawing a PPV main event match can also be quite tragic in itself.

The match has been announced for Crown Jewel between Brock Lesnar, Roman Renaissance and Bron Storman, and can come back again in this way to attack the Roman Rance Brock Lesnar