WWE Roundup: Shield saved by Roman Rance, updates on the return of Ray Mysterio

WWE Raw‘s live event was in the butt of American city Montana. Most of the RAW superstars attended the event and fought the match and entertained the fans. During the show, several tags and team matches of the Women’s and Manas Division were met.

A few days ago we told you that Ray Mysterio signed a two-year contract with the company. Now Ray Mysterio can show his magic of 619 in Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. WWE is planning a Dream Match for Mysterio.

Many examples are found in professional wrestling when a child of a wrestler makes his career in the same field. Randy Orton-Bob Orton, Ric Flair-Charlotte, Roman Renaissance are some similar examples. The name of the wrestling legend Rey Mysterio has also been added in this episode.

How did the Undertaker and Triple H contest in WWE and what was the result?

Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE Hal in a cell would probably not have been thought of in a dream. Everyone felt that The Beast was now preparing for the UFC Fight. But he came in during the main event of Hall in a Sale and interfered with Roman Rena, Braun Storman.

Brock Lesnar … The name will be appreciated as much, the less it is. In the career of Lesnar who chose his career, he used to flip his successes. Brock Lesnar became the Champion of Amateur Rassling in college, Champion at the youngest of the WWE and then considered himself to be a fan in the UFC.

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle is currently on vacation but he has made a statement on his WWE and superstars. Kurt has described how WWE can make second Rey Mysterio in its company. There have been reports from time to time that Mysterio is going to come back. According to the crores, the cruiserweight can be used properly and the other mysterious company can get it.