Rolton Oltmans left the pacific Pakistan Hockey Federation together!

Rolton Oltmans left the pacific Pakistan Hockey Federation together! The Chief coach of India, Rolton Oltmans was made in March this year, coach of Pakistan Hockey team

A year ago, in the month of September 2017, Hockey India coach Rolton Oltmans was sacked by Hockey India and now he has resigned even after the post of neighboring Pakistan Pakistan National Coach.

According to reports, the Dutch coach has resigned from his post taking the responsibility of Pakistan’s flop show in recent times. But due to this reason, the Pakistan Hockey Federation can also be a pacifist.

Rolton Oltmans was appointed Chief Coach of Pakistan for two and a half years in March this year, but in his coaching, the Pakistan team could not show any special significance.

Oltmans has mentioned in the resignation to the PHF that he is disappointed with the team’s performance. He wrote, “I have taken full responsibility of the team’s disappointing performance recently. But I think that in the current situation, the team’s best performance cannot be done. “

He also wrote that he understands that changing the existing situation is not in the hands of PHF.

In his coaching, Pakistan’s team could not perform well in the Champions Trophy and Commonwealth Games as well as in the Asian Games. Pakistan’s hockey federation is battling extremely financially these days. The situation was that he was not paid to give to his players in the past, due to which the players had decided to make the strike from the Asian Games.

Rolton Oltmanswas associated with High-Performance Director in 2015 and after that he was made Chief Coach.