Emma Watson is the victim of devil worship! What is its charm that director Kiryu talks about?

Director of Alejandro · Amena Barba, a Spanish honorable spirit who gets a high reputation worldwide such as “Others” and “Dream of flying in the sea”. His eight-year length feature film “Regression” will be released from 15th September.

I asked Amena Ball coach about masterpiece suspense who had cast Ethan Hawk and Emma Watson in, cast.

Director: I wanted to challenge a suspense movie before and I was thinking about possible subjects. In the case of suspense and horror, I have been interested in psycho killer, ghosts, demons for a long time. So, I was looking into evil spiritual worship. But when I got a bit bored, I read the story of devil ritual abuse in America.

There were such incidents in the UK, but most of it happened in the United States. And I was surprised that I knew little about it. Furthermore, I was looking at documentaries about multiple personality disorder, about suppressed memory, but I did not know much about it.

As I looked at various things, I thought that we could combine the two. A story about evil spiritual worship I wanted to create in the first place, at the same time a work that is also a psychic thriller. It was a very fresh approach to me.

When I was reading an article about the kidnapping of an alien certainly, there was one focusing on recovered memory therapy, which led to devil worship abuse from there. In this movie, you can see that everyone makes a mistake but I like the idea that the world of faith and church is contrary to the world of science – psychiatric here – I also like the idea that two different powers cooperate and try to unlock a big puzzle.

The incident that happened in this movie is a small incident, but it reflects what is going on anywhere in the country, and at some point, it notices that everyone has made a mistake. In the middle stage, the detective, the only way to reach the truth of the story, I realize that I have noticed that I made some mistakes in the process = journey.

Director: The word “regression (REGRESSION)” means regression. It means returning to a movie I enjoyed as a viewer, such as a thriller movie in the 1960s and 1970s, a horror movie, and at the same time, it means returning to a movie that I was making at college time when I started directing I will. “Regression” also has a meaning of a series of actions (“regression theory”) that regain memory of those who were suppressed using psychology. This movie has a psychological aspect firmly.

For me this project also includes suspense, revisiting the mystery and returning to the genre that I was at the beginning of my career. In the debut work “Tessis next murder”, sometimes Horror has made a hypnotic influence on us, and the belief that dreams and reality coexist in the following “Open Your Eyes” He suggested the possibility of wanting, “Ozazu” challenged to regain the taste of classical suspense.

I always challenge various genres while exploring something that drives myself, thrusts myself, and a totally different direction.

Director: This movie is based on facts. From the 1980s to the 1990s, in the case that happened in many towns in the United States called “devil worship ritual abuse”, people accused very terrible, sometimes meaningless accusations, police · psychiatrist · The priest was trying to unravel this kind of puzzle. Back then, especially concerning the devil, the conspiracy theory was whispering.

From the 1960’s there was a delusion to the devil, and in the media, it is drawn in various books and movies. After that, it shifted to a delusion toward “the end of this world”. In other words, when the Year 2000, which shifted to the new century, will come, people became interested at the end of the world and became to have a delusion.

What I was most surprised was that in addition to I did not know anything about this fact, what we live in the 21st century was far from these events, and that people, including me, It was the fact that I could not see a movie about events rarely at first.

Director: I always watch movies. Because that is my favorite thing. But of course, I thought that I wanted to include elements of the film of the late 1960s and 1970s such as “Rosemary’s baby” “Exorcist” “President’s conspiracy” “Marathon man” I liked in this work.

The place I liked in these movies was sometimes the place to draw a concise way like a telegram. I do not spend too much time drawing all the characters and I am drawing what actually happened. I wanted to draw such a story that the story itself talks about characters.

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I wanted to challenge that I do not know what big events happened to the characters’ lives. From a style point of view, I always wanted to get something from a movie in the 70’s. I regretted that modest and slow tone, I wanted to be a very serious and less emotional film in a suspense movie that caught the incident seriously, not ironic and objective thing.

Director: I think that the character of the Midwest of the United States is building a very small world in a vast land. In this work, typical towns of the United States are depicted, where houses are spotlessly dedicated to everyone’s faces. In such a closed place, the feeling of guilt when making a mistake is exceptional. The consciousness of sin is the most important factor for the main character.

In the place called actual Minnesota, the world drawn with “Fargo” is real, both the prison, the police station, the street, and the houses are very beautiful, but this movie gives a dirty feeling in this movie.

Director: Ethan, who has been making horror films for several years in the past, said, “This work is a horror movie, but at the same time the place to overcome her fears is the favorite part of this movie.”

I was a very scared child, I was afraid of evil spirits, of course, ghosts, darkness, and death. But at the same time, I liked watching movies where such stories are told. Perhaps, I think that making such a movie was a way to drive away many fears. In other words, for me this work is not just something that attracts the viewers’ attention or entertains. We must always say “something”, a plausible message throughout the film.

Messages are scary and they can not be seen and can not be thought out properly, they should be reluctant to solve the real problem.