Trailer of ‘Captain Marvel’ michaya dhamal, found more than 30 million hits

The Avengers Infiniti War, the most successful Hollywood film that hit the Indian box office, did spectacular business worth Rs 222.69 crore. Avengers Infiniti War, the most successful Hollywood film that hit the Indian box office, did spectacular trade of Rs 222.69 crore. It was shown in the film ‘And Credit Scenes’ that Marvel World will soon be entering a new superheroine entry.

The trailer of this superheroine movie, entitled ‘Captain Marvel‘, is being released on social media as soon as it is released. The trailer, released on September 18, on the Marvel YouTube channel, is receiving tremendous response from the people. Within three days this trailer has seen about three and a half million people.

American actress Brian Larson to play ‘Captain Marvel’

Right now, the trailer on Marvel India’s channel has been released in Hindi along with other languages. Nearly 3 million people have seen the Hindi trailer so far. The trailer of the trailer released in Hindi is “Who has seen yesterday, but today we know that we need your … to win this war”, which is being said that ‘Avengers:

Infinity War’ is a superhero Thanos ), They will do superheroine called Captain Marvel, to bring them back. The character of this superheroine, named ‘Captain Marvel‘, is playing American actress Brie Larson.

What is the story of ‘Captain Marvel’

The character of Superheroine Captain Marvel is playing American actress Brie Larson in the film. In the film, his character will be based on the character named Carol Denver. According to the trailer, there is a pilot in the Carroll Air Force.

During an accident, their DNA gets attached to an alien. Due to aliens joining the DNA, they have supernatural powers. With the help of these powers, how will they bring back the disappeared superheroes, it would be interesting to see. This film will be the story of his character right now. The film will be released in March 2019.

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ will be released again

At the same time, Marvel Studios is going to release one of the best performing films ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ in India once again. This time it will be released in Hindi only. According to the Marvel Studios Facebook page, the film will be released again on October 2.

The film was first released on April 27. In the case of earnings, the film had beaten all the Hollywood films released earlier. The film had a turnover of Rs 222.69 crore in the entire country. Prior to this film, the highest earning record in India was ‘The Jungle Book’.