Real Madrid wearing the cloak of Barcelona with Lopetighe

Real Madrid is on their way to becoming a team in orbit led by former Spanish national team coach Lopezteggi, who has a clear mark on the team that makes him a different coach than his predecessors, Zinedine Zidane or Carlo Ancelotti.

The club’s friendly against Roma on Wednesday, in the Champions League, was a mixture of enthusiasm and excitement in the hearts of their fans, not only because of the big result “3-0” but because of the new spirit that the team also showed.

On Wednesday, Real Madrid presented their best game of the season so far. Loretta showed what he was looking for with his new side. He wants Real Madrid to have the upper hand in performance, acquisition, and pressure in front areas, and the commitment to play and pay heavily on goal Players move continuously in all spaces.

Real Madrid scored a record against the Italian team, which reached the golden square of the European Championship last year. The club paid 30 times on the net, including 11 shots between the players, and the percentage of possession of the ball 59%, and carried out 639 passes is correct, Twice the number of passes by his opponent.

“What a show,” was the title chosen by the Spanish newspaper “Marca” to express Real Madrid’s strength in the game, while “AS”: the acquisition of the way of Real Madrid.

The term has begun to spread in the football field and many people have come to believe that Real are playing as Barcelona has been in the past and Barcelona is playing like Real Madrid in the past.

The first round of the Champions League gave some credence and logic to this perception. While Barcelona won a clean four-pointer over PSV Eindhoven without a big performance, it was only based on what Lionel Messi, who scored triple, MADRID, Spain (AP)

But this view may be criticized by the fans of the Catalan club, as they saw their team sweep the Spanish league teams last season in his new pragmatism, and is the only team in this year’s edition, which has achieved the full mark in all his games so far, while he lost Real Madrid two points.

In recent seasons, Real Madrid fans have enjoyed a remarkable historic period, having won four titles in the last five editions of the Champions League.

Real Madrid has achieved this achievement through a random style of play that does not have a specific style, in addition to the fighting spirit of the players and the sense of the importance of defending the team and the individual brilliance of his big stars, especially Cristiano Ronaldo.

After Ronaldo’s departure to Juventus after the Royal Club decided not to make strong deals to strengthen the team, Lopetigui tries to distribute the tasks to all the existing players to take responsibility together to move the team without a player to outperform everyone, despite the presence of players such as Tony Crosse and Asco and Marco Asencio and Gareth Bell who enjoy an exceptional technical level.

But in the end, the results remain the most important thing. The early timing of the season will not honestly reveal the usefulness of Lopez’s new plans with Real Madrid. Time alone will do the job.

Real Madrid, in a very tight time of seven days at the latest, faces huge challenges in the Primera Liga, where they meet Espanyol, Sevilla, and Atletico Madrid, which will reveal the effectiveness of the Spanish coach’s new style.

Real Madrid will host Barcelona at Camp Nou on October 28.

But there is no doubt that the fans of Real Madrid would like to see their team in the old Barcelona dress with this interesting possession of the ball, and their continued applause in yesterday’s game is a compelling proof of this perception.