Will Survivor Series meet Brock Lesnar with this legend in 2018?

In the Survivor Series this will be versus Brock Lesnar versus the WWE, then the big SmackDown live commissioner Shane McMahon has disappeared from WWE TV for the past few months. In his absence, the role of SmackDown’s authority figure is playing SmackDown’s new General Manager page.

Fans are thinking about the current situation of Shane in the company and recently Dave Meltzer spoke on the subject, saying that Shane is still an active performer of WWE. But for the time being, there is no creative plan for them, they are excluded from the TV.

Shane had become an important part of WWE programming since his stunning comeback in 2016. SmackDown’s commissioner did the best in the ring as well as playing the authority character. It would not be wrong to say that Shane has influenced the fans more with his in-ring skills than his promo.

Rumors say that Shane will soon return to WWE and will be facing the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. In 2016, in the main event at SummerSlam, Lesnar had ridden Randy Orton with blood, after which the referee declared the winner of the match through TKO.

SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahan tried to stop The Beast, but Lesnar gave him F-5. But this story was not further enhanced, and Lesnar began fiddling with Goldberg again and named Universal Championships at WrestleMania 33.

After this, Lesnar remained the Universal championship for nearly one and a half years. Summerslam, in 2018, Roman Rance finally ended the dominance of Lesnar and named the Universal Championship.

It was seen as the last match of Lesnar in the WWE, but the appeal of Lesnar in Hal Inn in cell encouraged rumors of Lesnar’s rematch. Have given. But considering the leisure schedule of Lesnar, his chances of becoming a Universal Champion are unmatched.

If rumors are to be believed then Lesnar will be going into the UFC soon, and that is why we think that in order to end this hostility that started two years ago in the WWE Survivor Series, Lesnar would ask to fight another match.

There will be no loss for anyone because Shane McMahon loses in his matches due to shocking things. That is why we think that this match should be before Lessner’s quitting WWE.