How did the Undertaker and Triple H contest in WWE and what was the result?

Undertaker and Triple H‘s name in WWE are no small. Recall the Undertaker for his dangerous entry, while Triple H is always remembered to remove water from his mouth during his entry. Triple is the WWE Champion 14 times, while Undertaker has won 7 titles

The animosity of Undertaker and Triple H was greatly appreciated. In view of this, Triple H vs Undertaker’s match was booked on October 6 at the Super Show Down in the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia. Preparations have been completed for this match, while both wrestling giants have given each other a charity.

On the ring side of Triple H, Shawn Michaels will stand up and give Ken with Undertaker. Together, there are 35 contests in WWE, including Triple Threat, Royal Rabal, Tag Team, Handicap match. However, these two have fought 13 singles matches. Let’s know how often they both fought in a singles match and how was the result.
When did you fight and what was the result?

The first singles match of Undertaker and Triple H was played in Raw is War in 1997. The Taker won by Disqualification.

In 1999, the match for the World Heavyweight Championship between the two was held in Raw is War, which was won by Teker. The result also came from disqualification.

In the year 1999, the number one container match for the Heavyweight title was played again, again by the name of the payer by its name.

-In 2000, Triple H proved himself by defeating the Undertaker in SmackDown’s episode.

-In 2001, WrestleMania 17 saw Taker facing Triple H, which he won in about 19 minutes. (PPV)

In 2001, there was no hold barred match between Texas and Triple H on SmackDown, which did not make any difference.

Both of these matches were played again in SmackDown in -2002 but no result of the match came out.

-WWE Insurrextion 2002 Triple H won the Undertaker. (PPV)

-WWE King Of The Ring In 2002, Undertaker defeated Triple H in the World Heavyweight Title match. (PPV)

-In 2002, Triple H piled up Dedman in the number one container match for the heavyweight title.

SmackDown in 2008 again faced Taker and Triple H but the results did not come out.

-In the 2011 WrestleMania 27, Undertaker boosted his streak to beat Triple H through submission. (PPV)

In the 2012 RussellMania, which took place in the year 2012, Undertaker won a hat in a salon Triple H. Sean Michaels was the Special Guest Referee in this grand match. (PPV)

Overall, Batman has pumped Triple H into more rings. Now both of these veterans are going to hit the last one in Melbourne with a capacity of 1 lakh. These two superstars have fought 5 times in PPV while many have faced each other in RAW and SmackDown. Now, what is the result of this explosive match in Australia?